Grundig Sailing Cup 2017 – Denmark

2017 will be the first season of Grundig Sailing Cup in Denmark, following the successful start of the series in Norway and Sweden in 2016.

We will offer Danish J/70 Sailors – and of course, also sailors from neighboring countries – three events during the 2017 season will be in three different parts of Denmark, with one at Fyn, one in Jylland and one at Själland.

The first regatta will take place in the surroundings in Thurø at Svendborg Sund, Fyn at 10.-11. June and the second will take place in Hadsund at Mariager Fjord, Jylland at 19.-20. August and this event will at the same time be the Danish Class Championship 2017.

The final event in the series will be at Skovshoved in the northern part of Copenhagen, where the Nordic Championship was organized in 2016, and this event will conclude the Grundig Sailing Cup 2017 Series in Denmark.

Hope you are ready for an exciting year of J/70 fleet racing in Denmark, where we focus not only at exciting racing on the water but also building a good friendship and cooperation in the Danish J/70 Class. It is our goal that the J/70 Class in a few years will be the largest and most active keelboat class in Denmark.

Welcome to the 2017 Grundig Sailing Cup series in Denmark!


June 10th – 11th

Thurø is an island situated 5 km west of Svendborg and is connected to Funen by a causeway. Thurø is among other things been known for its many schooners and captains and a number of wooden shipyards. Today the island is a suburb of Svendborg and a popular holiday area with campsites and cottages. “Smørmosen” is the island’s family-friendly beach with a famous hand built mini golf course.

Thurø Sailing Club is located on the protected Thurøbund, formerly winter port for a large fleet of schooners. The area is now a popular anchorage for pleasure boats. If you sail westwards through the beautiful Svendborg Sound, you pass Svendborg Harbour and further out into the archipelago South of Fyn. Sailing to the south and east, you leave the narrow sound and s reach Lunkebugten with Valdemar Castle on the shoreline.

Lunkebugten is an open racing area close to the yacht club. On Lunkebugten the club regularly hosts major sailing events. In 2017, apart from J/70 Grundig Sailing Cup, the club will also host the Star Worlds with up to 100 boats.

Thurø Sailing Club & KDY is looking forward to welcoming the J/70 sailors to Thurø to the first regatta.


August 19th – 20th

Hadsund Sailing Club is located in the middle of one of Denmark’s most beautiful fjords – Mariager Fjord with 12 sm to Kattegat and 12 sm to the bottom of the fjord where Hobro has existed since Viking times. So there has always been boats with sails on the fjord – and now the time has come to J/70.

Hadsund Sailing Club is a small club with about 130 moorings and members of all ages and different interests but known by guests as a very open and hospitable club where everyone is welcome. Hadsund Sailing Club and Hadsund town lies at the narrowest point in the fjord, previously with ferry connections until the Hadsund Bridge was built.

Hadsund Sailing Club is well protected by Thygeslund woods, and when one comes free of the “Thygeslund tip” to the west, the fjord opens up. The racing area will be located between Kongsdal Small Boat Harbor and Vive Small Boat Harbor and is located approximately 1,5 sm from Hadsund Marina. Spectators arriving in cars will be able to get a good view of the area from these two ports, or from Dania being an old F. L. Smith industrial area, actually Denmark’s largest privately owned “city”.

Hadsund Sailing Club and KDY is looking forward to welcoming the J/70 fleet to Hadsund to the second event in the series – which also is the Danish Class Championship 2017.


September 23rd – 24th

The Grundig Sailing Cup 2017 will have its last regatta in Skovshoved Harbor, just north of Copenhagen, one of three harbors where Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub has clubhouses, facilities, and many activities.

Skovshoved Harbour opened last year after a major expansion and modernization and is now one of the largest pleasure boat marinas in Denmark with about 600 berths. At the same time, the port has become even more suitable for running racing events, right up to the largest. Last year, among several international events, KDY organized the ORC Worlds with 140 boats and 1.200 sailors, the biggest international sailing championship in Denmark ever.

J/70 class had its first “Grundig Sailing Cup – J / 70 Nordic Championship” in Skovshoved in October 2016. Skovshoved is also the base for KDY’s three J/70 boats, and in the area north of Copenhagen there is now twelve J/70s, all owned by the clubs, so there is continuously run many training sessions and local J/70 regattas.

The racing area is just outside the harbor, and thus with a short sailing time to the start area in all wind conditions. It is possible to lay a course quite close to Skovshoved harbor so that spectators can see the J/70s sailing on the Sound.

Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub is looking forward to welcoming the J/70 fleet to Skovshoved for the third and final regatta in the Grundig Sailing Cup series in 2017.