Grundig Sailing Cup 2017 – Norway

O’hoi! We are repeating 2016’s success, but in 2017 Grundig Sailing Cup will be even better and bigger! We will offer exiting sailing moments for existing members as well as for new aspir¬ing sailors. In Norway, the first regatta will take place in Oslo during Oslo Race week 3rd to 4th of June. The Open Nordic J/70 Championship for 2017 will be held at Hankø the 29th of June to 1st of July. You cannot miss this – sailors from all over Scandinavia will meet to test their seafaring skills.

The grand finale for Norway will be at Bygdin in Jotunheimen, 1060 meters above sea level. NEVER before have sailors battled on this beautiful lake surrounded by breath-taking mountains. Bygdin will by far be the most spectacular regatta in 2017 and an adventure to remember.

Hope you are ready for an exciting year, because we have many surprises ahead!

Battle and win products for your home worth 20.000 NOK

The team that gets the most points after all races in Norway will win the grand prize consisting of Grundig–products for a total worth of 20.000 NOK!

This is how you join; gather a team that is eager to sail a J/70, and … yes, well, an eager team is really all you need. It is possible to sail with your own J/70 boat, but this is not a requirement for all the races; The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club will have ready rigged boats available for certain races.

For each competition, there are also separate prizes worth fighting for.

Don’t miss your chance to join – we have limited spots available for each regatta. Good luck!


June 3rd – 4th

The first Grundig Sailing Cup regatta will take place in Oslo, Aker Brygge 3rd to 4th of June. During this season, we can expect light to medium weather conditions. If the wind hits from the south, we can expect stable conditions and a wind speed of 5-7 m / s. If the wind hits from north or east the weather conditions might be switching. From Aker Brygge spectators will be able to follow the Grundig Sailing Cup and enjoy amusing activities at the Grundig stand!


Nordic Championship

June 29th – July 1st

In 2017 Grundig Sailing Cup’s second regatta will be part of the Open Nordic Championship for J / 70. The regatta will be fleet races, and participants will get 3 extra points added to their total score for GSC 2017. Hankø is considered by many as one of the best areas to host regattas in Norway. Weatherwise you can expect moderate to strong wind, stable conditions and occasionally some rough sea.


July 29th – 30th

The third regatta in the Grundig Sailing Cup 2017 will be held at a historic coastal pearl in eastern Norway, Son. During the last weekend in July, we expect the harbor to be filled with boats returning from summer vacation. Son is located in Drøbaksundet, and during this time of the year weather conditions are stable when the wind hits from the south and more challenging if the wind hits from the north.


September 23rd – 24th

The grand finale in the Grundig Sailing Cup 2017 will take place at Bygdin in Jotunheimen, 1060 m above sea level. Bygdin will without a doubt be the most spectacular regatta in 2017! Here winners of the previous GSC-regattas and some other lucky sailors will be invited to sail in the majestic Norwegian mountains. Grundig and KNS – in collaboration with Eidsbugarden Hotel – look forward to a fantastic weekend of sailing.