Grundig Sailing Cup 2017 – Sweden

Do you want to be part of coolest Swedish One-Design racing 2017? The Swedish J70 community and Grundig is extremely proud and committed to the Swedish Grundig Sailing Cup. The GSC format in Sweden is slightly different than in Norway, where in Sweden the about 30 boat strong fleet, race a series of races, organized by local yacht clubs, racing their own boats. It is the Swedish J70 class federation that have chosen what four races that are to be included in GSC, based upon a geographical spread and venues that best supports Sweden’s fastest growing sport boat class. Each boat and team register for each individual race to the regatta organizer, while the Swedish J70 federation keeps score of the results and the ranking within GSC, and crowns the winner of the Swedish GSC in the end of the season.


June 9th – 11th

It is on the waters outside Sandhamn, the epicenter of sailing in the Stockholm archipelago, the first event in the Swedish GSC will take place in the beginning of June. Sandhamn is widely famous for its Yachting traditions and is the finish for the ÅF Offshore race, formerly known as the Round Gotland Race.


Nordic Championship

June 29th – July 1st

The second regatta in the Swedish series, will be the Open Nordic Championship for J70, in Hankø, Norway. The regatta will feature fleet races, with an expectancy of about 7-9 races in total. Hankø is considered by many as one of the best areas to host regattas in Norway. Weatherwise you can expect moderate to strong wind, stable conditions and occasionally some rough sea.


Swedish National Championship

August 10th – 12th

Båstads claim to fame might be under scrutiny. Every year it features a world famous tennis tournament for both men and women. For the past years, the number of prominent yacht races has increased and Bastad has been hosting both World Championships, European Championships and National Championships for classes like Farr 30, Express, Opti, Laser, X35, and Dragon. Båstad is ideally located on the Swedish west coast, close to Malmö and the bridge over to mainland Europe. The town really lights up during summer and is famous for its beach and the hot nightlife.



September 30th – October 1st

Outside of Stockholm, in Saltsjöbaden, the Swedish J70 sailors will close the season and crown the winner of the Swedish GSC in the end of September. The races take place on Baggensfjärden, known to most sailors as a very tricky area to sail, where we can expect strong wind shifts and if the northerly winds kick in – short choppy sea. A worthy event to close the season and enjoy the hospitality of Sune Carlssons Båtvarv and KSSS.