About the Grundig Sailing Cup

Grundig is the  proud sponsor of the Royal Yacht Clubs in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. In collaboration with the clubs Grundig Sailing Cup and the J/70 boats represents the most important initiative to revitalize sailing with faster boats that can be enjoyed by both families and youth in the sailing scene. The Grundig Sailing Cup complements a need for competition and brings together both sailing athletes and enthusiasts.

Our engagement in sailing is only in an early emerging phase. Our love of sailing is growing equally, and we are proud to continue our journey with the Nordic yacht clubs and accompanying J/70 sailing associations to offer exiting sailing moments for existing members as well as new aspiring sailors!

In 2017, the Grundig Sailing Cup will be executed throughout Scandinavia as we grow into Denmark with a 3 regatta concept. We will, together with our partners, stay loyal to the concept of offering more than just regattas – we will give you a unique sailing experience to share with your friends and family. We will also take the opportunity to state that the Open Nordic J/70 Championship for 2017 will be held at Hankø, Norway, from the 29th of June to the 1st of July.

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We would love to see you sail with us in 2017, and always remember to use #grundigsailingcup to share your experience.

“I follow the Grundig Sailing Cup with great interest in my inspiring hope of seeing J/70 becoming an engaging platform for younger sailing ahtletes.”
– Jeff Johnstone, CEO of J Boats Inc.
 “Through active cooperation with KNS, KDY AND KSSS we will strengthen our commitment to young sailors, as well as contribute to the J/70 as the leading sailboat class”
– Per-Kristian Ervik, CEO of GRUNDIG Nordic.

The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club

The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (RNYC / KNS) was founded in 1883 and is governed by his majesty the king of Norway, Harald V. With an active membership of 4.000 members, it is by far the biggest yacht club in Norway.

In early June each year, KNS organises the Færder Regatta during the Oslo Race week. Close to a 800 yachts participate in this event, making it one of the largest overnight races in the world. You can witness all types of modern cruisers alongside fleets of classic yachts at this historic and prestigious event.

The Royal Danish Yacht Club

Governed by Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, the Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY / RDYC) was founded in 1866. On the 12th of June 2007, Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark Margrethe II inaugurated the new Club House in Tuborg Harbor that connects to the new marina in Tuborg. Both are operated by the RDYC. Until a few years ago, the area was the headquarters of the world-famous brewery, Tuborg. The RDYC is now operating from three marinas to assist more than 2200 members. It offers the entire specter of sailing activities for young and old alike, and caters to all interests.

The Royal Swedish Yacht Club

Founded in 1830, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (RSYC / KSSS) is Governed by His Majesty the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf. Currently one of Sweden’s leading actors within yachting, the RSYC has over 5,500 active members dispersed throughout the country.

During the 20s and 30s, the club won international recognition through the great endeavors of yachtsmen such as Sven Salén, Erik Åkerlund and Erik Lundberg. This, together with active sailing activities in the bays around Sandhamn, contributed to the club’s good reputation. The RSYC proudly competes in the America’s Cup with the Artemis Racing sailing team.

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