Grundig Sailing Cup 2018 – Denmark

2018 will be the second season of Grundig Sailing Cup in Denmark, following the successful start of the series in Norway and Sweden in 2016, and a great 2017 all across Scandinavia.

We will offer Danish J/70 Sailors – and of course, also sailors from neighboring countries – three events during the 2017 season will be in three different parts of Denmark, with one at Fyn, one in Jylland and one at Själland.

The first regatta will take place in Horsens, April 21st and 22nd, while the second race will be held in Rungsted in June, from the 9th to the 11th.

The final event in the series will be at Skovshoved in the northern part of Copenhagen, where the Grundig Sailing Cup was organized in 2017. This event will conclude the Grundig Sailing Cup Series in Denmark in 2018 as well.

Hope you are ready for an exciting year of J/70 fleet racing in Denmark, where we focus not only at exciting racing on the water but also building a good friendship and cooperation in the Danish J/70 Class. It is our goal that the J/70 Class in a few years will be the largest and most active keelboat class in Denmark.

Welcome to the 2018 Grundig Sailing Cup series in Denmark!


April 21st – 22nd

Horsens is a Danish city in east Jutland. It lies at the end of Horsens Fjord in eastern Jutland. The city is surrounded by typical moraine landscape with low hills and valleys created by glaciers during the last ice ages. Horsens is 50 km south of Aarhus and 30 km north of Vejle, and approximately 200 km from Copenhagen. It is believed the name Horsens derives from the old Danish words hors (horse) and næs (naze, headland). From the 12th century the name Horsenes is known. The earliest traces of a city are remains of a pagan burial site and houses dating back to the 10th century. In the 12th century, the kings Sweyn III and Valdemar I issued coins in the city. In the 13th century the city got its own legal code. Excavations have shown that the city was expanded around 1300, with a moat going around the city and its harbour. Industrialization started from the middle of the 19th century. The population rose dramatically when people from the countryside moved to the city to work in the factories. The first Danish iron foundry outside of Copenhagen was opened as well as tobacco and textile factories. Horsens is best known for its culture and entertainment events.


June 9th – 10th

Rungsted is an affluent suburban neighborhood in Hørsholm Municipality on the Øresund coast north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The center of Hørsholm is located two kilometers west of Rungsted. At the Øresund coast is Rungsted Harbour, a marina. The name Rungsted is first recorded in 1346 in the form Runæstigh. The name may be derived from Old Danish runi meaning and sti’ ‘svinesti’, later changed to sted. Alternatively the first part of the name may refer to the small waves that are characteristic of the Øresund. Rungsted’s inn, Rungsted Kro, is first mentioned in the beginning of the 16th century but it is probably much older. The inn moved in 1803, and the buildings were renamed Rungstedlund. Rungsted Marina has room for approximately 800 boats. It is home to many restaurants, including a MASH stakhouse and a Sticks’n’Sushi.


October 6th – 7th

The Grundig Sailing Cup 2018 will have its last regatta in Skovshoved Harbor, just north of Copenhagen, one of three harbors where Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub has clubhouses, facilities, and many activities.

Skovshoved Harbour opened in 2016 after a major expansion and modernization and is now one of the largest pleasure boat marinas in Denmark with about 600 berths. At the same time, the port has become even more suitable for running racing events, right up to the largest. In 2016, among several international events, KDY organized the ORC Worlds with 140 boats and 1.200 sailors, the biggest international sailing championship in Denmark ever.

J/70 class had its first “Grundig Sailing Cup – J / 70 Nordic Championship” in Skovshoved in October 2016. Skovshoved is also the base for KDY’s three J/70 boats, and in the area north of Copenhagen there is now twelve J/70s, all owned by the clubs, so there is continuously run many training sessions and local J/70 regattas.

The racing area is just outside the harbor, and thus with a short sailing time to the start area in all wind conditions. It is possible to lay a course quite close to Skovshoved harbor so that spectators can see the J/70s sailing on the Sound.

Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub is looking forward to welcoming the J/70 fleet to Skovshoved for the third and final regatta in the Grundig Sailing Cup series in 2018.