The J/70 Speedster (7 meters) is a fully ramp-launchable, keelboat designed to fulfill a growing need for an easy-to-own, high-performance one-design that is exciting to sail, stable enough for the entire family and easy to use.

The worldwide J/70 fleet is over 1,100 boats strong and attracts some of the most talented sailors in the world. Without a doubt, it helps to spark the growth of numerous sailing leagues across Europe. At a number of sailing clubs, the J/70 is replacing tired, old keelboat fleets and can be seen to help reinvigorate membership by attracting younger sailors into the ranks.

Currently, worldwide fleet discussions are underway for the establishment of new leagues and clubs. As the Sailing World Overall Boat of the Year, the J/70 has taken the world by storm. The future for this fantastic boat looks very bright, indeed!

“J/70 represents our most important project to activate members and recruit new athletes. Having a partner (Grundig) on board with a long-term perspective gives the club an opportunity to realize boats for training and a sailing cup. Grundig Sailing Cup complements an activation program that is appealing, challenging and fun for members and sailors.”
-Anders Kristensen, KNS
Key J/70 features

Large comfortable cockpit with open transom.

Deck-stepped lightweight carbon mast for easy rigging & stepping.

Inexpensive three sail inventory with masthead A-Sail.

Vertical lifting keel.

Small cabin for storage and personal privacy.

Easy to trailer to regattas, ramp launch and store at home for winter.

Low weight and height enables 6 cylinder vehicles to easily tow.

Fits inside most standard garage doors!